We at LWS, pride ourselves in bringing the best trends to light and to life by partnering with some the world’s most renowned brands in Lighting Systems. We offer all-inclusive and holistic project solutions including design and simulation support.

LWS provide customers with full-time support and assistance in every aspect of lighting they require to create the desired ambience. Our list of expressive and exciting architectural, commercial and office lighting projects depict the talent in our team. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, we have a highly skilled team with in-depth knowledge who can guide and direct client requirements among large range of products to support your project and the team behind it. We are at our best when we become part of the light design process. Our deep product knowledge implies selection in lighting systems that could perfectly illuminate your spaces. We care about each customers on an individual level. We understand the significance of the project and the end-design in mind, so that we are clear and focused to ensure the architectural and commercial lighting will be embellished. We can provide scrupulous guidelines and advice as we design your project, then our accomplished team with their proficiency on site will carefully shape your requirement into the building. We consider each product range earnestly and fetch for you the finest lighting technology available. From the geometrically modest to an entire custom-built solution, we are able to integrate any of our products into your project. From ordinary contemporary office lighting to high-end architectural lighting, we can help. Care and attention to details is our business yardstick. Knowing the importance of precise communication, we coordinate with an array of agencies and contractors. Our project planning is second to none and we adhere to budgets and deadline. We have worked both nationally and internationally rendering services, wherever you need.