Our lighting design solutions for offices provide excellent atmospheric light and help you create productive and pleasant office environments.

Well-being in the workplace

Lighting has a significant effect on the human body and has been proven to enhance productivity in the workplace. Often overlooked by employers internationally, poor lighting can make employees feel both uncomfortable and demotivated. Productivity arises from better quality lighting, combined with substantial energy savings, it’s not difficult to see how lighting can have an impact. Our extensive product range specializes in supplying products with low-glare optics, dimming capabilities, tunable color temperatures as well as direct and indirect distributions to enhance the user’s well-being.Not only does the lighting provide a functional aspect, but also identifies with and enhances the brand of the organization. Lighting is an important element when it comes to representing the look of the brand, whether it wishes to express a contemporary, clean appearance or a more rustic, vintage feel. From Executive cabin lighting, conference rooms, corridor and stairways, entrance pavilions, reception counters, sanitary areas to outdoor porches, we offer all lighting solutions.