Since 1992, TEC-MAR Company offers a wide range of lighting fixtures for inside and outside solutions, characterized by a continuous research and manufacture of products MADE IN ITALY, with creativity, care and high expertise. Products are designed to suit different context of applications, in harmony with the most current trends, according to the market requirements and respecting the EU and international rules. All the above is the result of a continuous and progressive improvement of the manufacturing processes that make TEC-MAR a dynamic and ever-growing company who is able to export in over 30 worldwide countries. TEC-MAR is able to provide an ever wider range of products satisfying several needs of lighting. Investments in the fields of research and development are continuous and are able to meet key requirements of safety, efficiency, energy saving and high quality. At about 30 km from Milan, skilled workers create a large range of TEC-MAR lighting products with the assistance of well-advanced machinery.